BERKELEY CAPITAL MOTORS supports clients to evaluate and understand the risks they and their organizations may face, acting to mitigate these risks wherever possible, and providing the tools to fully prepare clients to react successfully to a crisis should it occur.


We offer trusted security advice, risk mitigation strategies, secure support and integrated solutions for strategic clients or those operating in complex or sensitive environments. 


In today’s uncertain world, industry and other organizations face a myriad of risks and challenges.


Whether threats are from crime or terrorism, or simply from entering new ventures markets or territories, we work to design and implement effective measures to mitigate or manage these risks.  Should the unexpected happen, we can support clients in times of emergency or crisis.

Government and commercial customers seek out Berkeley Capital Motors because of our reputation in providing high-quality engineering, scientific, management, logistical and analytical solutions. To help our clients meet their needs quickly and efficiently, Berkeley Capital Motors offers a range of government and commercial contracting mechanisms. These vehicles and products provide our clients with streamlined, easy-to-use processes and procedures to obtain both services and products.

Berkeley Capital Motors is dedicated to provide you with customer service of the highest standard. Our team is deployable to almost anywhere in the world for timely, onsite support.

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